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Nature Is Scary

Good luck sleeping tonight after reading this… no, seriously this is like something right out of a nightmare! A cockroach had to be removed from an Indian woman’s head after it crawled up her nose during the night. Selvi, age 42, said she felt a “crawling, burning sensation” in her right nostril. Doctors found a cockroach had crawled up her nose and …

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Snakeskin Tinsel?

To Truely get the most out of your Christmas and get into the spirit of the holidays,  you might want to venture out and buy a real tree. The fake ones are nice, but you know if you get a real one this year you’re stepping your game up! Just know what you are getting into. You have to make sure …

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Snakes Everywhere

Have you ever watched the movie snakes on a plane? Well this is no scene from a Hollywood movie, A snake sparked panic on a flight bound for Mexico City when it started crawling out of the overhead bins!

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Creepy Lego Cosplay!

This looks like something that has jumped right out of your nightmares! Seriously something about this just gives me the creeps check it out for yourself…Oh and good luck with sleeping tonight.

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