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Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide has already been a huge success! It looks like that the time off he took was well spent, but that is to be expected I mean we are talking about Ed Sheeran here!

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YouTube Gets Rid of It’s Most Annoying Feature

Watching YouTube videos is a little obsession of mine, and by little I mean huge! These days it seems that I spend more time on youtube then watching actual T.V. Can you blame me, I mean YouTube has everything from your favorite shows to hundreds of hours of YouTuber content that you can follow and fall in love with.

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Apple Flip?

Flip phones are the relics of the past. Remember when the Motorola Razor came out? That was the phone that everyone wanted. I even owned one of those, it was just so sleek and stealth looking. It was also so satisfying to hang up on someone with a flip phone, now you just have to angrily mash the screen… just …

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Jim Carrey Acused Of Murder?!?

Jim Carrey is being sued by his ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband. Why you ask? Well he has allegedly contributed to Cathriona White’s death by giving her several different prescription medications which she overdosed on. The Prescription bottle that was found supposedly listed the name Arthur King which just so happens to be one of the aliases that Carrey has used in the past. …

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The Future of Transportation

  Well we might not have flying cars yet but technology has come a long way and this new form of transportation looks like something right out of a Sci-fi movie.  There is a bus that is being invented that quite literally drives over traffic! No Seriously this thing is called the Transit Elevated Bus and it could very well be the future of transport.

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Snapchat Lets People Save Pictures to View Later

Snapchat has come along way from when it was first released, I mean what got everyone into it at first was how the messages and pictures disappeared after viewing them. But then they introduced stories and the best filters anyone has ever seen! Seriously find one person that doesn’t know the dog filter on Snapchat that’s my challenge for you. …

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