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“Hammer Head”

Dwayne Johnson is a professional wrestler turned actor, and recently world record breaker. Looks like he has a follower in his footsteps,

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Playing Santa

There is a lot to deal with during the holidays so one might feel a little overwhelmed, and forget things from time to time. Take this man from Arizona for example, he locked himself outside his house and decided to steal a page from good old St. Nicholas. Let me be the first to say trying to gain into your home …

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$20,000 Cheetos

Cheetos have been known to do some crazy things. Like coming out with the mac and Cheetos with Burger King, the Cheeto burrito for Taco Bell the list goes on, but now Cheetos is selling an item for $20,000!

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What is Flatline you ask? You wear a weighted vest and then complete difficult activities, which focus on strengthening your power and endurance within a 45-minute circuit, with exorcises like:  Weighted rope climb. Box jump burpees. High intensity bike. Atlas stone throws. Kettlebell thrusts. 45-metre sprint while carrying two ammo cans. All of this is repeated five times and you finish with …

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Taco Bell Fried Chicken Taco

There have been a ton of Taco bell stories recently. It seems that they are completely overhauling their menu by adding new creative things every month. I mean they introduced the Triple double crunch warp, Cheeto Burrito, and The Walking Nachos all within the past 2 or three months.

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