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  1. It might be “Selfish” by Future with Rihanna. Let us know if that’s it.

  2. Just heard a song tonight and I believe some of the lyrics were something like “they shouldn’t leave us alone” . . . tried looking up the song but couldn’t find it. I think there was a guy and a gal.

  3. Do you know when you might have heard it last? Not a whole lot to go on unfortunately. Is it one that you hear often, or not so much? I was thinking maybe that new track from Maggie Lindemann – Pretty Girl. However, that doesn’t mention anything about “nice and sweet”.

  4. Need help desperate.. looking for name of song it’s a female who says can b a Bitch I can be nice and sweet help me please

  5. THANK YOU! I miss heard the lyric but only heard that verse at the time. Love this song for the clean hit’s and bass lines and my subwoofers play it very nicely. Thank you so much!!

  6. I believe that’s “Down” by Marian Hill. ~Carson

  7. Looking for a song – cant remember most of it but it has a catchy beat – part way through i think (its a female singer) she says “are you there are you are you you you there” and then break out into a light dubstep fashion of multiple beats. sorry I cant be more descriptive, but it was played around 11-12 on 2/27/17

  8. No problem. That’s Sabrina Carpenter’s “Thumbs”

  9. I’m trying to figure this song out. For the past 5 days!!! Please help! It is a female singer. And she starts out fast by talking about family “saying mother, daughter. Blah blah” a mother has a daughter and a daughter something. Please please please help me.

  10. No problem Katie. The song is called “Rockabye” from Clean Bandit, Anne Marie, and Sean Paul.

  11. ok I’m having a crisis. There was a song that was played yesterday I had never heard before and thought it was beautiful. It was a female artist and it was a song about how she didn’t need a man because she had her son and no one would be above him. The lyrics said lullaby a bit and that’s all I can remember. Please help!!

  12. Trying to figure this out for you. Was it just a guy? No female part? We have a bunch of new slower ones, so trying to narrow it down. The newest/slowest that are just guys would be The Weeknd’s latest “I Feel It Coming” or Shawn Mendes “Mercy” which has a bit more tempo. There’s also Alex Da Kid’s “Not Easy” or Lukas Graham “You’re Not There”, but they’re more anti-love break-up songs, and “Not Easy” also has Elle King on it. Same goes for Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bad Things,” which features Camilla Cabello, but is a slower love song. There’s also Niall Horan’s “This Town” which is less new, but still a bit slower. Hopefully that helps a bit.

  13. What was the song played around 10:05 am on dec 10th? 85 was talked about by the radio host saying it was the the stations pick for new music? It was a slow love song sang by a male

  14. It was the Afrojack remix of Major Lazer’s “Cold Water” f. Justin Bieber.

  15. What was the EDM-esque song just before the Fireball song from Pitbull? I heard it like 15 minutes ago. I loved it so much, but I only caught the end.

  16. What is the song played on april 7 2016 between 10 and 10:30 am????? It has either a trumpet or a sax in it

  17. Who sings the new song.. Take the pain away?

  18. driving through on Friday February 26th between 10 and 11 am. Heard a song i really liked, do you keep records of what was played that you could send me a list, just caught the tail end..

  19. I love this station so much! i listen to it everyday.

  20. I cannot remember a song you played on Sunday November 9 around 7:00

  21. luv this radio,

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