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  1. It was the Afrojack remix of Major Lazer’s “Cold Water” f. Justin Bieber.

  2. What was the EDM-esque song just before the Fireball song from Pitbull? I heard it like 15 minutes ago. I loved it so much, but I only caught the end.

  3. What is the song played on april 7 2016 between 10 and 10:30 am????? It has either a trumpet or a sax in it

  4. Who sings the new song.. Take the pain away?

  5. driving through on Friday February 26th between 10 and 11 am. Heard a song i really liked, do you keep records of what was played that you could send me a list, just caught the tail end..

  6. I love this station so much! i listen to it everyday.

  7. I cannot remember a song you played on Sunday November 9 around 7:00

  8. luv this radio,

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