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Married At First Sight

Could you marry someone that you’ve never met? That’s exactly what a new reality show on FYI is aiming to do. The show according to their YouTube page is a “groundbreaking social experiment that puts matchmaking to the ultimate test!” The new show debuts on July 8th. Check out the trailer for the show below.



  1. Still searching for a song from Season 2 episode 7. 11:27 in to the episode. During Sean and Davina. I am offering a reward at this point.

  2. Please What is this song playing halfway through Tue August 16th Sonia & Nick’s bedroom disagreement ? Thank you !!

  3. The Married At First Sight theme song is “all or nothing” by Louise Dodd

  4. Earthquake, the song on April 14th’s episode… When she’s wanting him to listen… What was that song?

  5. What is the theme song that’s played in the background of the premier of the new show married at first sight?

  6. What’s the theam song to the the up comming show “married at first sight”???

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