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American Idol’s Season 13 Debut Lowest Rated Since Season One

It was a rough start for Season 13 of American Idol, drawing the lowest ratings they’ve had since they debuted season ONE!  With a 4.6 rating with viewers 18-49 years old, and 15 million overall viewers, Idol dropped 1.4 from their 6.0 draw from their Season 12 debut.


It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the franchise get a ratings boost, thanks to glowing reviews of the new judges, especially Harry Connick Jr., who had no problem using the brutal honesty that Idol hasn’t had since Simon Cowell left.  That, plus his developing “bromance” with Keith Urban, could lead to the resurgence of Idol, which many critics and fans have called “stale” for several years.


Here are some of the highlights from Boston and Austin


And here’s Connick’s cradling


Another positive note… This is the first time that Idol has had a Season premiere rated HIGHER than the previous season’s finale.  The final episode of American Idol: Season 12, drew a meager 3.6 rating.

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