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Y107’s Dinner And A Movie

Win Y107’s Dinner and a Movie with Shiloh and Goodrich Quality Theaters! 

Need a night out? Join Jake weeknights at 7:20PM for your chance to win Y107’s Dinner and a Movie from Shiloh Bar & Grill and Goodrich Quality Theaters!





  1. With all my kids and duties around the house I am not able to take much time out for myself. This would be a great way to spend a quiet evening with my boyfriend!

  2. My girlfriend and I are not able to have many date nights!! I think it would be great to take my girlfriend out for a night away from the house and kids!

  3. how to do this

  4. I would love to win!!

  5. i would really like this for Christmas

  6. Dinner and a movie sounds really nice just about now

  7. How do I play

  8. This will be my date night with my lovely spouce!

  9. This will be for my one year anniversary with me and my significant other

  10. Misty Ransdell

    My one year with my significant other is coming up and I thought it would be great to win tickets for a special night for the two of us.

  11. School of rock February 21st

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