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Kendall Jenner removes blonde wig in Pepsi ad

Pepsi’s ‘Movement’ Commercial Sets Off Unintended Controversy

Pepsi released a new commercial starring Kendall Jenner, and the world has gone crazy. Unfortunately, it’s not a good thing for the soft drink company. The Video In the 2:30 video, people from all backgrounds are seen walking the streets as in a march protest. Numerous races, religions, orientations, etc are represented. They’re seen doing their jobs, then dropping it …

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April the giraffe licking the camera

Giraffe Pregnancy Might Be This Year’s Biggest April Fools Prank

We’ve been watching for weeks, or is it months? For a while, it was all anyone was talking about. April the pregnant giraffe. We all thought she was supposed to give birth forever ago, yet she hasn’t. They said it’s because it’s almost impossible to predict when she got pregnant.  We all swear we’ve seen the baby kick. We have. …

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Toddler girl waves at discarded hot water heater she thinks is a robot

Don’t Tell This Girl It’s Not Really A Robot [VIDEO]

While others are gushing over the love between a beauty and her beast, we’re equally in awe over this girl and her robot. Well, her water heater. In this adorable video that’s gone viral, a little girl is on the street, and sees an old water heater on the curb. However, that’s not what it looks like, especially to her. …

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How To Get A Jimmy Fallon Internship [VIDEO]

Jake Sirianni had a dream. The Washington State student wanted to land an internship with Jimmy Fallon. While he could have gone the traditional paper application and resume route, he certainly didn’t. Why? Because as we all know, Jimmy thinks outside the box. Jake put his video editing skills to the test, and went back to a 2014 episode of …

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Black and white of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Goes ’73 Questions’ With Vogue [VIDEO]

It’s easily one of the coolest video interviews out there when Vogue goes 73 questions with our favorite stars. We get a tour of the star’s house, while they answer 73 random questions quickly thrown at them. Selena Gomez just had a turn. Not only does the starlet look stunning, and amazingly taller than we remember her, but she goes …

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Jax and Cosmo with the Punishment Poker Wheel

Punishment Poker Proves Painful For Jax and Cosmo

As the latest season of the Bachelor was wrapping up, Cosmo, Jax, and Jaime decided to up the ante, Punishment Poker style. They each picked which of the final 3 girls would win Nick’s heart. Jax chose Corinne.   Jaime chose Vanessa.   Cosmo chose Raven.   They decided that if Nick sent home their Bachelorette, there would be a punishment. …

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Water World

Let’s face it we are all getting more health- conscious these days, and it is starting to show. Beverage Marketing Corp. reports that bottled water consumption and sales have been increasing in recent years.

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Daylight Spendings

Daylight Saving Time has finally hit, and I know I’m not the only one feeling the effects of this, I hate losing an hour!! The point of Daylight Savings is to save money and energy.

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Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide has already been a huge success! It looks like that the time off he took was well spent, but that is to be expected I mean we are talking about Ed Sheeran here!

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Emma Watson’s Most Embarrassing “Harry Potter” Outtake

With “Beauty and the Beast” fever sweeping the nation, Emma Watson has been making the interview rounds, and appeared on Kimmel the other night. While everyone wants to talk to her about “Beauty”, Jimmy wanted to go back to where it all started; Hermoine Granger. The interview started with the recognition that this unknown 9 yr-old, first-time actress, at her …

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Pizza Shoes

Pizza Hut is kicking off March Madness quite literally. To celebrate NCAA basketball they designed a special pair of rare kicks.

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The Shower Orange

I have a huge sweet tooth, and nothing satisfies this craving more than some nice fresh juicy fruit.

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Vending of The Future

Vending machines have been getting more and more creative recently. If you remember back to last year Xavier University had a “Pizza ATM” machine on their campus that crafted the pizza of your desire within minutes.

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Dr. Chocolate

If you’re like me that means a couple of things, one you love to sleep, two you have the biggest sweet tooth of all time! Seriously though how much do you love chocolate?

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