American Idol’s Skylar Laine on Y107

Cosmo and Whitney had the chance to talk to Skylar! (more…)

American Idol’s Elise Testone On Y107

Cosmo & Whitney had the chance to talk to Elise! (more…)

American Idol’s DeAndre Brackensick On Y107

Cosmo & Whitney had the chance to talk to Deandre! (more…)

Steve Jobs Passes Away At 56

The Co-Founder of Apple has lost his battle with cancer at 56 (more…)

Marilyn vs Peter Griffin

Marilyn meets another celebrity...Family Guy's Peter Griffin (more…)

Y107’s “Glee-Bob”

Glee-Bob is a HUGE Glee fanatic! Every Wednesday he joins Y107 for his take on the latest Glee episode (more…)

David Archuleta With Cosmo & JC On Y107

David Archuleta and Josh, who is Missouri's 2010 Children's Miracle Network Champion joined Cosmo & JC from Washington D.C. to talk about helping raise money for Chilren's Hospital. (more…)

Sinbad Live With Cosmo & JC

Sinbad joined Cosmo & JC on Y107 3/9 [display_podcast]

The Abe-Mix Of Kanye’s “Stronger” For CMN!

Here it is! The "Abe Mix" of Kanye West's "Stronger for CMN! A HUGE thank you to Lori for helping put that thing together!

Y107’s September 11 Tribute

This is a powerful montage set to Nickleback's "Savin' Me." We must always remember and never forget September 11, 2001. [display_podcast]

Bo The First Dog Live With Cosmo & JC In The Morning

The First Dog BO made his first ever radio appearance on Y107 with Cosmo & JC In The Morning! (more…)

Dr. Drew On With Cosmo & JC In The Morning

Dr. Drew on the air with Cosmo & JC In The Morning on Y107 (more…)

Chase Daniel Interview

The Mizzou QB Chase Daniel was LIVE on the Cosmo & JC Radio Show! (more…)

David Cook Interview

American Idol winner David Cook was on the Cosmo & JC Radio Show! (more…)

Get The Cosmo & JC “We Will Barack U (Y107 Remix)”

You have asked for your favorite Cosmo & JC Radio Show parody songs to be posted on Y107.com! (more…)

DJ Z in Studio

Check out the videos of DJ Z and Mason in the studio!!! (more…)