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It’s Time To Switch!

Nintendo has not had the best track record in recent years. When the Wii came out it was a huge hit because of how innovative it truly was. However after the release of motion controllers for Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo quickly descended into the back of people’s minds. Let’s forget about the Wii U and look towards the future because …

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Candy Crush Game Show

Candy Crush, everyone knows this game or has at least been invited to play it on Facebook countless times! CBS announced on Tuesday that it is teaming up with King Games and Lionsgate to produce a Candy Crush game show. There hasn’t been to many details however it was told that 2-person teams will “use their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous, …

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Youtube - Movieclips

Get Ready For the ‘Guardians’ Sequel [VIDEO]

We are so obsessed with some movies, especially Marvel films, that we now salivate over sneak peeks months out. And so today, wipe away that drool, as the Guardian of the Galaxy 2 trailer has dropped.  Oh, wait.  No, make that the teaser trailer, as in not really a trailer, but kind of a trailer, but not really. In other …

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Carla Fitzgerald's Duck

Emotional Support Duck

A duck is not an animal that you would expect to find on an airplane, but a special emotional support duck recently went viral after being spotted on a plane. The duck, called Daniel, was providing emotional support for his owner even supporting red booties and a Captain America diaper. This is just to cute not to get excited about …

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Dirty Things

Keyboards are something everyone uses during there day at work or at home. The most germs turn up on objects we frequently touch so its no surprise that keyboards are rife with Bacteria however, a new study shows that they have more bacteria on them then toilet bowls. Researchers from CBT Nuggets swabbed everyday essential work items and found that …

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“Fat Shaming”

A McDonald’s customer  poured his drink over a girl who was “fat shaming” another man. The woman and her friend poke fun of his weight, he just stands there without saying anything. It turns out that this was actually a social experiment uploaded to YouTube around a year ago, but went viral this week. Check it out for yourself! What would you do if …

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Ariana Grande’s Commercial

Ariana Grande stars in a new T-mobile commercial. Not only promoting here latest single side to side it also supports some humor. The driver kicks Ari out of the car because she is almost out of data and would rather have maps to know where she is going then listening to music. Check out the commercial for yourself! BTW: Easy …

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Horseback Yoga

Yoga has helped countless people relax, however some have given the practice an interesting twist by doing it on horseback. There are some horse Gurus on Instagram who have thousands of followers,

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Ice Cream Ramen

Ice cream ramen, it is nothing like you are picturing in your mind trust me. A desert shop in New York City created the stunning masterpiece. The “ice cream” component is made from crushed ice covered in evaporated milk, while the noodles are traditional Japanese jelly noodles, called kanten, which is made from algae believe it or not. The jelly noodles are comparable …

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“Body Moves”

DNCE’s latest hit “Body Moves” has been climbing up the charts like crazy! The music video just dropped, and they teamed up with the Victoria’s Secret models to make it. Check it out for yourself.

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Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Ever have something stuck in your head but you could never get it out? Well let me help you! You know for some reason this reminds me of Gangnam Style. All I can say is i’m sorry, good luck getting this one out of your head!  

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Food For Halloween

When the fall hits there is a sudden change in what we eat and drink. Practically everything we take in during the fall has some sort of “Spice.” Seriously, even fall beer has a certain spice to it you know what i mean? Japan has taken this idea to the next level, by introducing some rather unique Halloween-esk food items! …

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Capitol Records / Vevo UK

Listen to Niall’s Debut Single ‘This Town’

Brace yourself, this is HUGE! Check out #ThisTown – @NiallOfficial's beautiful new track, live on 1 mic & in 1 take — Vevo UK (@Vevo_UK) September 29, 2016 Well, it’s happened. Another 1D member has officially gone solo, although, we didn’t figure it be HIM. That’s right, it’s STILL not Harry.

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Dirty Sheets

We have all gone on vacation at one point in time and staying in a hotel is apart of it. However, if you thought hotels were clean well you might need to think again. A investigation from Inside Edition found hotels don’t always change the sheets between guests. About a third of hotels investigated failed to change the sheets between …

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Flying Uber

Uber has been looking into self-driving technology for a while now, they actually debuted the first self-driving taxis in Pittsburgh last month. So if you call for a Uber in about 10 years, you might get a car that drives itself. Or, you may not be travelling in a car at all. You see, Uber is working on technology that would allow drones to fly …

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Snapchat has unveiled something rather interesting, video-recording Glasses. Snapchat calls them “Spectacles”, which can record 10 seconds of video at a time by tapping a button on them. The video then gets uploaded to the Snapchat app via bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The “Spectacles” will be available for sale later in the fall on a limited basis for $130. The Video-recording glasses …

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Emoji Craze

Emoji’s everyone uses them however, you might not know that you’ve been using them wrong this whole time! Check it out for yourself here is a video of the top 5 most misused emoji’s out there.   That’s not where it ends however here is a list of 28 emojis that you have most likely gotten the meaning wrong!

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XO and Republic Records


The Weeknd has done something unthinkable… he has chopped off his signature hair! It has definitely changed his look. However, that is what he was going for as he reviled his new cut he also announced his new album. The Project is called Starboy. The singer and songwriter recently said in an interview about the upcoming album, “I think it’ll …

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That’s My Girl(s)

Fifth Harmony has received three RIAA certifications! “Work From Home” was certified 3x platinum in the U.S. Not only did it become song of the summer, but it also is one of five records to go triple-platinum this year. Fifth Harmony’s album, 7/27 and their record “All In My Head” have both been certified Gold in the U.S. They have also …

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