KFC Sunscreen

Fried Chicken Sunscreen

KFC has created an exclusive item that is extremely limited but free. With all of these other fast food restaurants coming out with so many unique food items its about time that KFC joined in the fun…

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Snorlax Causes Pokemon Go Pandemonium

Imagine being stuck in traffic downtown Columbia, when thousands of people come out of nowhere, all rushing in one direction. That was the scene in Taipei, all thanks to a certain Pokemon.

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The “Chork”

Panda Express is introducing a fork/chopstick called a “Chork”. If you just so happened to not be skilled in the art of chopsticks this new invention from panda Express is going make you a master. The Chork consists of two plastic prongs at one end that taper into a fork at the other end.  The food chain has not announced …

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Why The Joker Scenes Were Cut

While reviews have been mixed, there’s been quite a bit of frustration over “Suicide Squad.”  Most of it concerns the lack of Joker scenes in the movie, many of which were prominently featured in the trailers. Jared Leto has voiced his frustration. There’s even a guy in London who is suing over it.

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dog diving

“Olympic” Dog Diving Competition

With the Olympics taking over our lives we tend to push other things to the back of our heads, like maybe mans best friend… Well Dogs want to get in on the action of the Olympics as well.

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Bad Ass Future Bus

The Future of Transportation

  Well we might not have flying cars yet but technology has come a long way and this new form of transportation looks like something right out of a Sci-fi movie.  There is a bus that is being invented that quite literally drives over traffic! No Seriously this thing is called the Transit Elevated Bus and it could very well be the future of transport.

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Official Music Video For “We Don’t Talk Anymore”.

Charlie Puth Finally drop his music video for “We don’t Talk Anymore”. It features Selena Gomez but she is not featured in the music video at all. She is on tour after all but still, would have liked to see her make an appearance in the video at least. Check it out for yourself!

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Selena Gomez Teases New song!

At the moment Selena is traveling all over different countries for her Revival tour, but that doesn’t mean she has no time to work on other things. Selena is a very talented hard worker after all. Even though she may have concerts all the way until December, Selena has already been teasing her new album since June! If you just so happen to follow …

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Creepy Lego man

Creepy Lego Cosplay!

This looks like something that has jumped right out of your nightmares! Seriously something about this just gives me the creeps check it out for yourself…Oh and good luck with sleeping tonight.

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Have You Ever Snogged Adele?

It’s the night you’ve been waiting for; you FINALLY get to go to that concert you’ve been waiting for FOREVER! You favorite singer on stage. Then you get called up on stage, and the unbelievable happens… you KISS!

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Dirty @ 30: July 26

Who thinks it is a good idea to slap Justin Timberlake?  Is J.Lo choosing sides? And it looks like Sharon has taken Ozzy back!

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doughnut soda

Krispy Kreme Flavored Cherry Cola

So there are a lot of Bizarre and interesting flavors of soda out there i’m talking Peanut butter and jelly, Sweet Corn, Bacon, Ranch dressing the list goes on and on! but now Krispy Kreme is getting into the action and has teamed up with a soft drink brand by the name of Cheerwine to make a Cherry Cola that …

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