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Flying Uber

Uber has been looking into self-driving technology for a while now, they actually debuted the first self-driving taxis in Pittsburgh last month. So if you call for a Uber in about 10 years, you might get a car that drives itself. Or, you may not be travelling in a car at all. You see, Uber is working on technology that would allow drones to fly …

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Snapchat has unveiled something rather interesting, video-recording Glasses. Snapchat calls them “Spectacles”, which can record 10 seconds of video at a time by tapping a button on them. The video then gets uploaded to the Snapchat app via bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The “Spectacles” will be available for sale later in the fall on a limited basis for $130. The Video-recording glasses …

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Emoji Craze

Emoji’s everyone uses them however, you might not know that you’ve been using them wrong this whole time! Check it out for yourself here is a video of the top 5 most misused emoji’s out there.   That’s not where it ends however here is a list of 28 emojis that you have most likely gotten the meaning wrong!

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XO and Republic Records


The Weeknd has done something unthinkable… he has chopped off his signature hair! It has definitely changed his look. However, that is what he was going for as he reviled his new cut he also announced his new album. The Project is called Starboy. The singer and songwriter recently said in an interview about the upcoming album, “I think it’ll …

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That’s My Girl(s)

Fifth Harmony has received three RIAA certifications! “Work From Home” was certified 3x platinum in the U.S. Not only did it become song of the summer, but it also is one of five records to go triple-platinum this year. Fifth Harmony’s album, 7/27 and their record “All In My Head” have both been certified Gold in the U.S. They have also …

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Perfect Illusion

Everyone has been waiting for it and it’s finally here! Lady Gaga’s Music Video for her latest single, “Perfect Illusion” has dropped check it out for yourself!

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The Emmys Got ‘Stranger’ With An Additional Swag Bag

I admit, I did not watch the Emmys. Honestly, I could care less, and well… No surprise, the shows everyone buzzes about were the big winners. I did catch the highlights/funny moments late last night and early this morning, and it seems Jimmy Kimmel did quite well. Plenty of funny moments with nothing TOO controversial AND a Matt Damon appearance. NICE! …

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Dance “Closer”

Dancing to your favorite song is always a fun past time, however some songs and dance moves go viral. Remember the “Harlem Shake”, oh and let’s not forget about “Twerking”! The latest song from The Chainsmokers “Closer” has sparked a viral dancing train and everyone is hopping aboard. The track featuring Halsey has been on the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 …

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Chick-fil-A Found Their Cow!

Someone will be receiving a year’s supply Chick-fil-A after spotting a giant inflatable cow that was stolen from a restaurant in Ariz. The 24-feet-tall cow was stolen on Saturday after being set up at an Arizona State University football game. To help get the cow back quickly, Phil Thomas, who owns this specific Chick-fil-A in Ariz., offered one year of free chicken sandwiches to anyone …

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Hot in Herre

Nelly has some of the best fans in the world! No seriously, he has gone through a little bit of trouble times and owes the IRS some serious dough! Nelly’s fans are there to help him out though, they are streaming the 2002 hit “Hot In Herre” as a way to help the rapper make some extra money, and are encouraging others to do …

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The Iphone 7

It’s September, which means the start of the football season, and of course the arrival of fall and the unveiling of Apple’s latest iPhone. Today Wednesday the 7th, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus during an event in San Francisco.

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Sia – “The Greatest”

Sia recently released a music video for her single “The Greatest“, from her upcoming album set to be called We Are Your Children. The song also features Kendrick Lamar however, his verse is not in the music video for dramatic purposes.

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Is Granola Bad For You?

You might want to think twice before chowing down on that granola. A lot of people think granola is a healthy food choice however it is actually more comparable to dessert than health food.

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Cow cake tease

A Cake of What? (NSFW)

Birthday’s are always a fun time, I mean you get gifts, good food, and get to hang out with your family and friends. Oh and lets not forget about the cake! When I was a kid the thing loved most was choosing the theme of my birthday. Parents go above and beyond to make sure they get the theme and cake …

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Paper vs wood

Paper Cuts Through Wood?

Would you believe it if i were to say that your average everyday printing paper could cut through wood? No? I didn’t think so I mean it does sound bizarre, but one man who was either extremely board or had way to much time on his hands decided to give it a try! He cuts the printer paper in a circle …

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KFC Sunscreen

Fried Chicken Sunscreen

KFC has created an exclusive item that is extremely limited but free. With all of these other fast food restaurants coming out with so many unique food items its about time that KFC joined in the fun…

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Snorlax Causes Pokemon Go Pandemonium

Imagine being stuck in traffic downtown Columbia, when thousands of people come out of nowhere, all rushing in one direction. That was the scene in Taipei, all thanks to a certain Pokemon.

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The “Chork”

Panda Express is introducing a fork/chopstick called a “Chork”. If you just so happened to not be skilled in the art of chopsticks this new invention from panda Express is going make you a master. The Chork consists of two plastic prongs at one end that taper into a fork at the other end.  The food chain has not announced …

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Why The Joker Scenes Were Cut

While reviews have been mixed, there’s been quite a bit of frustration over “Suicide Squad.”  Most of it concerns the lack of Joker scenes in the movie, many of which were prominently featured in the trailers. Jared Leto has voiced his frustration. There’s even a guy in London who is suing over it.

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dog diving

“Olympic” Dog Diving Competition

With the Olympics taking over our lives we tend to push other things to the back of our heads, like maybe mans best friend… Well Dogs want to get in on the action of the Olympics as well.

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