Creepy Lego man

Creepy Lego Cosplay!

This looks like something that has jumped right out of your nightmares! Seriously something about this just gives me the creeps check it out for yourself…Oh and good luck with sleeping tonight.

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Have You Ever Snogged Adele?

It’s the night you’ve been waiting for; you FINALLY get to go to that concert you’ve been waiting for FOREVER! You favorite singer on stage. Then you get called up on stage, and the unbelievable happens… you KISS!

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Dirty @ 30: July 26

Who thinks it is a good idea to slap Justin Timberlake?  Is J.Lo choosing sides? And it looks like Sharon has taken Ozzy back!

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doughnut soda

Krispy Kreme Flavored Cherry Cola

So there are a lot of Bizarre and interesting flavors of soda out there i’m talking Peanut butter and jelly, Sweet Corn, Bacon, Ranch dressing the list goes on and on! but now Krispy Kreme is getting into the action and has teamed up with a soft drink brand by the name of Cheerwine to make a Cherry Cola that …

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Mike Posner on Y107

Carson and Jordan Jay talked with Mike Posner today during the morning show in advance of him coming to the Blue Note September 4th.

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Snapchat Lets People Save Pictures to View Later

Snapchat has come along way from when it was first released, I mean what got everyone into it at first was how the messages and pictures disappeared after viewing them. But then they introduced stories and the best filters anyone has ever seen! Seriously find one person that doesn’t know the dog filter on Snapchat that’s my challenge for you. …

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Posh, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Ginger

You’ve probably jammed out to the Spice Girls once or twice or 100 times in your lifetime. But it is time once again to hit that play button on your playlist of your favorite retro girl squad pod. Twenty years later the Spice Girls are still empowering women all over the world.

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July Inside

If you stayed inside last night to watch Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular instead of lounging out by the grill, I guess you practiced your American freedom in your own way. I mean what’s more American than television these days? In case you missed it, Y107 gathered some of the best show clips of the night. What was your …

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Held Hostage by Cat?!

Yeah you read the title right! Now being held hostage is no joke, but you have to admit its a pretty bizarre thing that a house cat has the power to hold a couple in Greenfield, Wisconsin hostage. Dogs have been known to do this heck even cases of monkeys trapping people in their cars makes since. I just don’t understand …

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