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Lady Gaga’s National Anthem: Watch It Again

We're still looking for someone to leave a bad review about her performance. Haven't seen one yet! (more…)

Adele’s “Hello” – The Reggae Remix

There's an artist from Kingston, Jamaica called The Conkerah (think "Conquerer" with a Jamaican accent) who's YouTube page is exploding thanks to his reggae covers of today's biggest hits. Check out the best one yet, as he covers "Hello" from ...Read More

Cosmo & Mike Crash Your Party with Riley Chevrolet and Riley Toyota

Thank you to everyone that registered! Congrats to our winner Eileen Keeter! (more…)

Snoop Dogg Narrates Nature Documentaries

Entitled "Plizzanet Earth" ... The one and only Big Snoop takes you to the edges of wilderness like only he can. So grab a gin and juice, and enjoy the best seven minutes of your day right here. (more…)

Spice Girls Reunion: Will it Happen?

For months now, we've heard every rumor under the sun about a Spice Girls reunion. The problem is, we haven't heard any facts. Will we ever see Sporty, Ginger, Baby, Scary, and Posh on the same stage at the same ...Read More

Adele Joins ‘Carpool Karaoke’

It's arguably the most popular segment on "The Late Late Show" with James Corden. Stars from One Direction to Stevie Wonder have joined Corden to sing along to their hits and talk life on Carpool Karaoke. Now, the biggest star ...Read More

Video of Kanye’s Idol Audition is Here

We first heard about Kanye West's random audition for American Idol back in October. Now, we have the video! Our friends at E! have the exclusive first look at Kanye performing what he called an "original", but we think you ...Read More

Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Trailer Released

Valentine's Day is usually a day reserved for chocolates and flowers. But this year, more people will be excited about zombies than romance. That's because AMC has released the first teaser for the midseason premiere of 'The Walking Dead'! The ...Read More

Mike Tyson KO’ed By Hoverboard

It's the best hoverboard fail the internet has to offer, and it's all thanks to the champ. The baddest man on the planet, Mike Tyson, took one of the "baddest" spills on the internet, and parents everywhere are rushing to ...Read More

VIDEO: CNN Reporter Faints While On Live TV

CNN News Anchor Poppy Harlow made her own headlines Monday, when while in the middle of a live report, she fainted behind the news desk. As you can hear in the video, Harlow starts stuttering and mumbling during her report, ...Read More

State of Emergency Declared In Missouri

Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency in Missouri, in response to record rainfall and life-threatening floods. At least eight deaths statewide are being blamed on the weather.   Hundreds of roads were closed in Missouri as of ...Read More

Ooooops! Steve Harvey’s Big Mistake

The 2015 Miss Universe pageant host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner! (more…)

Hello From The Mother Side

Singer songwriter Emily Mills has an awesome parody of Adele's "Hello". If you are a mom this is a must watch! (more…)

All Safyre Wants Is A Christmas Card From You

Safyre Terry and her family were the victim of an arson attack. She lost her Dad and three siblings. She has burn scars over 75% of her body, she has lost a foot and a hand. What does she want ...Read More

Psy Returns With New Song “Daddy”

You remember Psy, right? The world's favorite one-hit wonder from 2012 went even WILDER with his new music video "Daddy". So what if half the song is in Korean? It's probably best you don't listen to the lyrics anyway... (more…)

First Trailer for Captain America: Civil War Released

The World Premiere of the first teaser for Captain America's third feature film was debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night. Take a look! (more…)

Meghan Trainor & Charlie Puth Are Not Dating

Both singers were quick to extinguish rumors that they're an item, calling the kiss "showmanship", and saying they're "great friends". (more…)

Meghan Trainor: From Tonsil Surgery to Tonsil Hockey

It was THE moment at the 2015 American Music Awards, and it was from two people you wouldn't have expected to steal the show. But that's exactly what Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth did. (more…)

Adele Will Not Stream ’25’

According to The New York Times, Adele will not allow her new album to be streamed online. '25' will be unavailable on services such as Spotify and Apple Music, despite the fact that those services promote listeners to download the album, ...Read More

Timbaland: “JT And I Are Going Country”

After his hugely successful performance at the CMA Awards, it's understandable that everyone's asking if Justin Timberlake is pulling the opposite move of Taylor Swift, and jumping from pop to country. His long-time producer Timbaland had no problem filling TMZ ...Read More

Justin Bieber Nails “Tonight Show” Performance

Whether you love him or hate him, Justin Bieber absolutely stunned the audience with his performance Tuesday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. For the first minute of the song, listen as only Bieber and a piano deliver a beautiful ...Read More

VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Admits He’s HIV Positive

In an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show, the 50-year-old actor awkwardly admits a truth that didn't shock the world. But the reason Sheen disclosed his illness to the world might be the real story. (more…)

One Direction’s Honda Commercial

If we asked you what kind of car you think the guys of One Direction drive, what would your first guess be? The answer might surprise you! (more…)

First ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer Released

It's hard to believe it's been 12 years since Finding Nemo was released! And now, finally, we've got our first glimpse of the sequel, Finding Dory. Ellen DeGeneres debuted the first teaser from Pixar yesterday on The Ellen Show. Take ...Read More

Justin Timberlake Performs At CMAs

If country music fans are upset that Taylor Swift went pop, they might get their payback, because Wednesday night, Justin Timberlake went country. (more…)