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Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show

Does Rihanna have royal love on the brain??

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Move over Queen Bey…. Queen Ri could be reigning soon.  Prince Harry and Rihanna were caught together during the Prince’s trip to Barbados. They were joking and laughing at a special concert and teasing each other at an HIV awareness event. Could this be the beginning of something beautiful?  On social media, fans want the pair to starting dating and ‘have …

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Dirty@30 12/2/2016


Gilmore Girls Creator Speaks Out, Kanye West 911 call, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Reunited? Gilmore Girls Amy Sherman-Palladino spoke about the end of the series and the possibility of more episodes. She said she always wanted the story to end in a life repeats itself kind of way, referring to revealing her pregnancy. Palladino says, “by the way, Rory …

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Matthew McConaughey is an Uber Driver?

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This had to be one hell of a ride!  Matthew McConaughey was visiting his alma mater the University of Texas when he decided to hop in a campus golf cart and give some unsuspecting students a ride home! Talk about a ride you won’t forget. ‘Longhorns take care of each other, and it’s ”safe” to say Matthew McConaughey agrees. Don’t …

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Dirty@30 12/1/2016


Niall Horan, Kanye West Out of the Hospital, Justin Bieber Instagram Niall Horan Restores Faith for One Direction Fans Niall put the rumors to rest that One Direction will not be getting back together. He says the guys are “just chilling” right now He added ” the media is starting the rumors and trying to say One Direction won’t be getting back …

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After checking into UCLA over a week ago for a mental breakdown, Kanye has finally been released from the hospital.  Kanye is confirmed to be at home with his wife Kim Kardashian and their kids. He left the hospital under care of Kim and his personal physician Dr. Michael Farzam.  While this is good news, sources say Kanye still has …

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Netflix and chill just got easier! (and downloadable)

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It’s FINALLY happened! Netflix announced today it’s going to allow users to download it’s most popular series like ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Orange is the New Black’, and ‘House of Cards’ for both phones and tablets! Other movies and tv shows will be added as well! Binge watching has never been easier.  Check out the official tweet! – JAX Airplane mode. Road …

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Dirty@30 11/30/2016


Beyoncé and Jay Z Ultimatum; DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift Speaks out; Katy Perry Engagement Rumors Jay Z Gives Queen B an Ultimatum! Rumor has it Jay Z told Beyoncé to have another baby or hit the road! He says after her tour he wanted the two of them to go see a marriage counselor so they can find …

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Christmas shopping just got a LOT easier thanks to Beyoncé! Queen Bey has blessed the BeyHive once again… this time with ‘Lemonade’ Christmas merch. Booty shorts and pajama pants with ‘Boy Bye’, hoodies with ‘I Sleigh All Day’, and my wallet with no money after I buy all dis. YES I AM WEARING IT ALL. – JAX New Beyoncé / LEMONADE …

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Dirty@30 11/29/2016


Harry Styles, Keeping Up With The Karashian’s, Britney Spears 6:30 Dirty Harry Styles Is One Direction ever getting back together? Harry Styles is working with Max Martin and Bruno Mars on a solo album! However One Direction member Niall Haron says the band isn’t a done deal, Niall says “at the moment we are all doing our own thing, but we …

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Christmas shopping with a BABY? [Video]

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It’s that time of the year again. Deals, deals, and more deals. You want to get in, grab your gifts and GO.  Not for this dad. How To Dad shows you exactly what it’s like to shop with an infant. Not too far off to how shopping is with me.  – JAX

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Dirty@30 11/28/2016


Frankie Jonas, Kanye West Update, Kylie Jenner 6:30 Dirty Frankie Jonas Frankie  was caught with marijuana in Nashville. The 16 year old was arrested outside a convenience store in Nashville, Tennessee. Frankie says he is “extremely remorseful.” 7:30 Dirty Kanye West Update Kanye spent his Thanksgiving in the hospital, with Kim by his side; or was she? Is it real psychosis …

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Dirty@30 11/23/16


Thanksgiving Eve Dirty@30 11/23/2016 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, more Kanye, and Ellen Degeneres   6:30 Dirty Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have split! Who dumped who? Bloom sources say Orlando dumped her. He says “he’s just not ready to get married and have babies.” Nonetheless, Katy Perry sources say she broke ties with him and says “we are on different life …

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Dirty@30 11/22/16


This morning on the Dirty@30 with Jaime 11/22/2016 Naya Rivera, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian   6:30 Dirty Naya Rivera files for Divorce Naya Rivera known as Santana Lopez on Glee, files for divorce from husband Ryan Dorsey. Oh no! Naya has requested primary custody of their 14 month old son and is offering visitation rights. 7:30 Dirty Kanye West in …

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Dirty@30 – Nov. 21, 2016


The weekend was loaded.  From the latest Kanye meltdown to the AMA’s, including a pretty major wardrobe malfunction…  let’s get dirty!

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