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Your pet makes you a better person

Bark if you can believe it. It’s National Pet Day and of course, we had to post something relevant. In a recent study by BarkBox, pets don’t just make you happier, but they make you a better person! Out of all the owners polled by BarkBox, 93% of dog owners said they can name at least one way their dog has made them …

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The return of McDonald’s Szechuan McNugget sauce?

April Fool’s Day come and went and with it debuted a brand new episode of ‘Rick and Morty.’ In this episode, Rick is seen talking about how McDonald’s released the Szechuan McNugget sauce in the summer of ’98 for the release of Disney’s ‘Mulan’. It’s the only time he could ever get it. Well, that might be changing.  This sparked …

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Woman gives epic rant after seeing PDA

Maybe next time, this couple should order in. A woman stopped into her local food establishment in California to grab some dinner. Upon waiting in line, she noticed a couple apparently making out. This PDA did not sit well with her. She goes on a rant of EPIC proportions. The couple began filming and you now you get 6 minutes of entertainment. …

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Pacman available on Google Maps

Turn your daily commute into a fun one! Google just dropped Pacman on Google Maps. Swipe up, down, and try to avoid all the ghosts while you’re at it. JUST DON’T PLAY WHILE YOU’RE DRIVING! – JAX Check out more here.   

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Game of Thrones: S7 Trailer is Here

Hold on to your butts and get ready to return to Westeros one last time. HBO just dropped the trailer for the upcoming and final season of Game Of Thrones and IT IS LIT. Jon Snow, Khaleesi, and Cersei all look like they’re about to prepare for battle. 3 may enter. Only one may win. Check it out. GoT returns …

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