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2017 Academy Award nominations are in!

You won’t believe who got a nod and who got snubbed… Oscar Nominations Announced!   “La La Land” emerged as the leader in nominations, racking up 14. That ties “Titanic” for most nominations.  However, where is “Finding Dory” for Animated Film, Tom Hanks portrayal of Capt. Sully, Amy Adams for Actress in the well nominated “Arrival”, and WHERE IS DEADPOOL???   For …

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Mike Posner performs at his father’s funeral

A year ago, Mike Posner announced on Conan that his father was battling cancer by changing the words to ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza.’  Instead of going to a wedding this weekend, Posner had to attend his father’s funeral. He played the song ‘First Day Of My Life’ by Bright Eyes in homage to his dad. Grab some tissues. …

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Mother of twin toddlers who rescued each other claps back!

This is pretty crazy. Two 2 year old twin brothers were playing on the dresser in their room when it toppled over on top of them. One brother got out and tried to help the other. In a ridiculous feat of strength, the brother pushes the dresser enough to rescue his twin.  The mother has gotten a lot of response …

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