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American Idol to Relaunch in 2018?

You read that right. The rumor flying around today is that the show that you thought FINALLY ended earlier this year after 15 seasons might return.  If you find yourself asking why, there’s actually a decent reason, agree or not.

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Snorlax Causes Pokemon Go Pandemonium

Imagine being stuck in traffic downtown Columbia, when thousands of people come out of nowhere, all rushing in one direction. That was the scene in Taipei, all thanks to a certain Pokemon.

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Rio’s Green Water Mystery Is Solved

You may have seen the picture of the diving pool in Rio that’s been going around lately. If you haven’t, you need to follow us on Instagram. Ummmm why was #Olympic diving well water green? #StPatricksDay in August? A photo posted by Y107 (@y107) on Aug 10, 2016 at 5:03am PDT It’s especially strange when you compare it to the …

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#PhelpsFace Has Hysterically Taken Over

You’re getting ready to compete in your Olympic event, getting in your zone. Then, some arrogant jerk step right in front of you and starts shadow boxing and parading around. What’s your response? #PhelpsFace

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