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WHO GETS SHOT? “Orange Is The New Black” fans! Season 5 will be here June 9. Watch the trailer and tell us who you think gets shot?

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Giraffe Pregnancy Might Be This Year’s Biggest April Fools Prank

April the giraffe licking the camera

We’ve been watching for weeks, or is it months? For a while, it was all anyone was talking about. April the pregnant giraffe. We all thought she was supposed to give birth forever ago, yet she hasn’t. They said it’s because it’s almost impossible to predict when she got pregnant.  We all swear we’ve seen the baby kick. We have. …

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Selena Gomez Goes ’73 Questions’ With Vogue [VIDEO]

Black and white of Selena Gomez

It’s easily one of the coolest video interviews out there when Vogue goes 73 questions with our favorite stars. We get a tour of the star’s house, while they answer 73 random questions quickly thrown at them. Selena Gomez just had a turn. Not only does the starlet look stunning, and amazingly taller than we remember her, but she goes …

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Dirty @ 30 Monday March 13

Who is new AGT host? Why was Bieber ticked off at a fan? Kim K. talks about paris robbery…she thought she was going to be shot in the back!

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